Brazin Scale RC


Brazin Scale RC scx10.2 Chassis

Brazin Scale RC scx10.2 Chassis


This is our newest design. It's the HiLow 10.2. Meant to work with axial newest scx platform. It has a dropped skid for improved cg. Closed shock hoops for a more scale appearance and allows it to use the cms system from the 10.2. It's a great upgrade to any rtr scx 10.2.

(rails only, no other components included)

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Chassis features include:

1) Integrated shock hoops for added shock placement and adjustability for a wide range of suspension setups

2) Lowered belly height for improved center of gravity.

3) Multiple suspension link mounting locations for dialing in suspension geometry for your setup.

4) Bolt in mounting locations for the ever popular toyzuki forward motor mount.

This chassis also makes it much easier for people who want to run chassis mounted servo.

We are also offering panhard mounts designed by JCAD and printed by shapeways in nylon to be used with this chassis or you can simply cut the mount off of your factory shock mount.

*******special notes*******
1) When using JCAD panhard mount, a custom length panhard bar will be required.

2) when using the scx10II KIT transmission, rear most transmission mounts may come in contact with rear upper links in some ride height situations and may need modifications made to transmission mounts or running custom bent rear upper links.