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All Time Low

All Time Low


The “All Time Low”

This chassis started life as one of many different sketches. At first it was a straightforward Traxxas TRX4 Chassis as many requested. After running both variations of that platform I got a good idea of what needed done. Well I took that idea and scrapped it. It was a bit too “safe.” I wanted to step up the game and get the people something totally different.

What we have here is your LCG Portal solution. Portal axles are great for ground clearance but essentially your adding ride heigh. To combat that we’ve optimized the up travel clearance as much as possible offering you the most performance and tune-ability as possible.

Now if you’ve noticed the trans bolt pattern is still an Axial bolt pattern. Why? It’s the most versatile and popular bolt pattern on the market. Of all the portal axle setups out there most of the drivetrain components are running this bolt pattern. For you TRX4 folks this is where it gets really exciting! We’ve created a flat belly skid for your TRX4 transmission. It’s narrowed down to the popular SCX10/10.2 skid width and we fit that 10lb package in a 5 lb. sack.

If you’ve read this far I commend you.

Brazin Scale RC will be offering a full line up of customizable parts, braces and skids on our shapeways store front.

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